Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Client #4: a dozen eggs

For my Client #4 Assignement, my Professor Chuck told us to photograph a dozen eggs. We could style the eggs however we liked, the only restraits were that the final image had to be a 12x12 crop, and must include all 12 eggs. I immediatly thought of breakfast and ran with it. I remembered seeing these adorable egg crates from Anthropologie©, so I ran up to Greensboro and purchased some. I figured that brown eggs would look more appropriate than plain white eggs and give it a more 'country' feel. I included the Better Homes and Gardens© Cookbook to give it a definate kitchen setting. I wanted to include a cracked egg with the egg yolk and a wisk to make it seem like baking or breakfast is about to happen. All together, I'm very happy with my image.


  1. I really feel like you captured this beautifully and you gave a real sense of action going on even beyond the frame. Great work, Lindsay.

  2. Lindsay, this is one of my favorite pictures that you have done. The time, setting, place are all so obvious. The lighting is beautiful. Great job!

  3. This is one of my favorite photos you've taken! Great job :)